Saturday, September 6, 2008

First hull half

After some bubble troubles with normal laminating, i decided to use vacuum for the hull. I first put the additional layer on the deck flange. I made it higher then required, so that i could use it to put the sealing tape. The mold was not everywhere high enaugh, thats why you see all the clamps pressing the things together, to get it airtight. Next time i will use a higher mold plate.

Vacuum the stringer.

The hull out of the mold.

Starting laminating

After my gliding vacation (using an other hightech toy) i got the laminating materials delivered

The hull ready for laminating

Patterns for the bulkheads

Bulkhead sheet under vacuum. I didn't want to spent the time drilling holes in the foam. So i did each side seperatly

The vacuum pump. After i first try with a small pump, i changed it to this model.

The band saw with a knife band (no teeth). I cuts the laminated bulkheads very well.