Sunday, November 15, 2009

Float inside finished

Lamination of the Beamflange

I wetted out each BD layer on a sheet of plastic and put this "prepreg" in place.

Tempering the hull inside
To get the full strenght of the epoxy, i build a tent over the hulls and heated it up to 40 C. The temperature was keeped for 12h.

Prepearing the cutouts for the float deck

Float deck vakuum pressed

Second float ready for glueing the float deck.
On the float deck is the frame to lift the float deck single handed.

Float decked pressed on the float.
I used all heavy equipment to press the deck onto the float.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back on blogging

During the winter i could not do much work because of deep temperatures and other duties.
In the meantime a managed to finish the float halfes and join them

Vakuumbagging the chainplate and fixing the chainplate in the hull

Folding mechanismun to assist the joining

First Hull Joined

Second Hull joined and form frames converted to hull support