Monday, October 27, 2008

2nd half finished

It took me longer then expected to finish the second half, because the weather got beautiful and i went hiking in the mountains.

The second half was laminated in 3 steps using the 40cm extra layer area at the beam bulkheads as an overlap. The stringer was done together with the bow section. I had no problems with the vakuum this time. The solution was an 20 cm flange mold plate and a 12cm wide flange (the offcut from the 1m wide hull fabric) fabric layer as a sealing surface.
The next half i will do in 2 steps (stern>fwd beam, fwd beam > bow + stringer).

Finally i flipped around the form frames and build a wooden framework to lift the hulls up and later be used to lift the main hull.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Early winter start

No nice warm September this year. The temperatures are around 10 C. So i had the get heating equipment earlier than planed.

I build a heating tent over my work with a 2KW heating fan. To get a air circulation i got a tube fan inside a 150mm air tube. This tube gets the air from the cold end and blowsit to the intake of the heater. So far i could reach 35C. I have to improve the isolation to reach 40 C wich is the recomended temperature for the resin.